Below is a letter that was recently written to encourage our Denver Rescue Mission staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope it brings you inspiration during these trying times as well and empowers you to come alongside the Mission staff to continue to help our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

To my Mission family,

Anyone who has ever run a marathon knows that it’s not an easy feat. You lose toenails, your lungs feel like they want to explode by mile 10 and, no matter how hard you train, your legs inevitably turn to jelly. You spend half a year preparing mentally and physically for this one race, those four hours of wondering, “Why exactly am I doing this?”

Marathons are undoubtedly hard. But, it’s the “why” behind the run that makes you lace up your shoes every single time. Some might even say that it’s the fuel for your running soul.

So, why exactly are we talking about running marathons right now in our staff newsletter? Because we are very much living in a “season of marathons.”

During COVID-19, our operations and efforts to take care of our neighbors experiencing homelessness have been characterized by the mantra, “this is a marathon, not a sprint.”

Our locations have temporarily changed, our services have shifted, our work hours have extended and, for many of us, our roles at the Mission have pivoted. It’s no secret that this marathon, this very race, has been hard and has challenged us all more than we ever thought possible.

A lot has changed and will continue to change as we endure this race, but ONE thing will always remain— why we continue to serve at Denver Rescue Mission. And, that’s to help change lives.

I encourage you all, when you start to get those 13 mile feels and the work starts to feel tiresome, to take a moment to remember why you are in this race and why you are here at the Mission.

I encourage you to tap deep into your strength and courage and to know you have an entire Mission family behind you.

I encourage you to think about all the lives we’ve been able to change for the past 128 years and look towards the future with optimism and hope.

I encourage you to keep running this race that God has set out for you. 

Let's Run This Race Together

Whether you’re at mile one or mile 26 of this marathon, and whether you’re dancing across the finish line or in a full out sprint, I ask, will you lace up those sneakers (or in this case put on your masks) and continue to run this race alongside me?  

Running With Endurance – Online Panel Discussion

Join us for a special online event Running with Endurance: Fighting Homelessness Together During a Pandemic on Thursday, September 17 from 6:00 – 6:45 p.m.

This online event features leaders in the field discussing how Denver Rescue Mission and the City of Denver are working together to develop solutions for those facing homelessness during COVID-19.

Running With Endurance