Our programs and services are designed to help anyone experiencing homelessness connect with solutions that best fit their unique situation. Whether you need emergency services like meals and shelter, or a more long-term solution like our rehabilitation and transitional programs, we are here to help.

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Emergency Services

Lawrence Street Community Center – Services
Temporarily Suspended

In partnership with the City of Denver and our efforts to respond to the COVID-19 health crisis, the Lawrence Street Community Center will temporarily pause services until further notice.

Men can access shelter and meal services at the National Western Complex. For information on emergency services for women, please call 211.

Please visit the City of Denver’s website for more local resources.


If you have suffered from addiction, abuse or other destructive habits, we invite you to join the Mission’s New Life Program to make a lasting change in your life. In the program, participants are given the opportunity to become productive, self-sufficient members of society.

“I had no interest in life anymore. I was down; I was hurting. But Denver Rescue Mission, and their supporters, gave that back to me.”

Brooks, New Life Program Graduate

The New Life Program consists of:

  • Bible study
  • Counseling
  • Education
  • Life skills development
  • Work readiness
  • Case management

While in the program, you may be able to earn your GED or go on to higher education. Some qualifying graduates also receive a vehicle. Progress in the program brings increased responsibility and freedom, the reward of graduation, and a new life!

Goals of the New Life Program

The four main goals of the program are to see long-term change in the following areas:

1) Overcoming Destructive Habits

Drug and alcohol abuse, poor financial decisions, unhealthy relationships and other destructive habits can cause anyone to think a “new life” is out of reach. Our goal is to see New Life Program participants like you transformed by overcoming destructive habits. By immersing yourself in the program, you will receive the help you need and experience victory over life-draining behaviors.

2) Maintaining Healthy Community

In the New Life Program, you will learn to build and maintain healthy community relationships. These relationships encourage accountability and foster continued productive participation in society.

3) Maintaining Sustainable, Full-Time Employment or Equivalent Income

As you advance through the program and pursue financial goals you set alongside Mission staff, you will eventually obtain sustainable, full-time employment or equivalent income.

4) Providing For Sustainable Housing

Finally, the ultimate goal of the New Life Program is to see each participant graduate and provide for their own sustainable housing needs.


New Life Program participants must be:

  • Men, 18(+) years old
  • Free of sex offenses and current violent charges
  • Physically able to do chores
  • Stocked with a 30-day supply of any prescribed, non-narcotic medication
  • Willing to submit to random drug and alcohol testing
  • Serious about a life change
  • Open to the message of Christ


You will begin your journey as a program candidate at The Crossing, located at 6090 Smith Road in Northeast Denver. As a program candidate, you will learn about the program, receive health and case management screenings and participate in Mission outreaches and activities.

Time Considerations

The program candidacy period begins with a 30-day restriction to the facility. After the restriction, candidacy may last an additional 90 days. As a New Life Program participant, you will be eligible for employment or school outside of the program after approximately 8 months.The New Life Program can take up to 6-12 months to complete.

New Life Program Locations

New Life Program at The Crossing

The Crossing

Getting Started at The Crossing

  1. Review all the qualifications listed above.
  2. If you meet the qualifications, contact our Intake Chaplain at 303.953.3919 or NLPIntake@DenRescue.org
  3. You will have room for a suitcase and backpack of belongings. Our dress code is collared shirts and long pants (we can provide what you need).

New Life Program at Harvest Farm

Harvest Farm

Getting Started at Harvest Farm

  1. Review all the qualifications listed above.
  2. If you meet the qualifications, contact our Intake Chaplain at 970.568.9803 or NLPIntake@DenRescue.org
  3. You will have room for a suitcase and backpack of belongings. Our dress code is collared shirts and long pants (we can provide what you need).

Post-Graduate Program

Many New Life Program graduates also participate in our Post-Graduate Program, which provides further mentoring, accountability, counseling, and financial assistance. Graduates also mentor others, as well as volunteer for the Mission while continuing random drug tests.

Transitional Programs

Homelessness is a struggle that affects anyone, sometimes even despite having regular income. Our transitional programs are designed to help you find long-term stability while you transition out of homelessness. Use the links below to find out more about each of the transitional programs we offer.

“STAR is teaching us to develop better habits, and they work well with kids. When the girls get home from school they go to reading and writing club in the Denver Broncos Youth Center. They get tutoring and help with their homework there.”

Jeanette, STAR Transitional Program Participant

STAR Transitional Program

Individuals and families in need who want to rebuild their lives and achieve self-sufficiency are invited to participate in our STAR Transitional Program at The Crossing.

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Family Rescue Ministry

Family Rescue Ministry provides families and seniors in need with mentors and assistance with their first month’s rent and deposit toward a long-term housing solution.

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Family Refugee Services

If you and your family recently came to the United States and have limited relational and material support, you are invited to participate in our Family Refugee Services.

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Community Outreach

If you are in need of help with food, clothing, furniture, or other household items for yourself or your family, we invite you to take advantage of our Community Outreach services available at our Ministry Outreach Center. These services are designed to provide assistance to those who are struggling to provide for their own needs, especially women, families and the elderly. Use the links below to find out more about each service we offer.

“You have no idea how much this means to me. I just moved here, and it’s helpful to have the Mission here to provide some stability while I get my footing.”


Services at the Ministry Outreach Center


We provide food and hygiene items for those in need at our Ministry Outreach Center.

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We also provide clothing to men, women and families in need at our Ministry Outreach Center.

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Case managers for approved organizations can request furniture for clients, distributed by appointment.

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Partnerships (CAPs)

We also work with other approved non-profits to serve people experiencing homelessness in Colorado.

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Are you or a loved one experiencing homelessness and need immediate assistance with meals, shelter, and other daytime services? You don’t have to face these challenges alone. We’re here to help!

Have you suffered from homelessness, addiction or other difficulties and want to make a lasting change in your life? The New Life Program is free, long-term, in-house rehabilitation for men. We’re here to help you become self-sufficient.

Are you a family, senior or individual struggling with homelessness despite having employment or steady income? Our STAR Transitional Program helps families and individuals save money and transition out of homelessness.

Do you need help providing food, clothing, or other household items for yourself or your family? We invite you to learn more about our Community Outreach services available at our Ministry Outreach Center.