Follow Ben’s journey to a new life at the Mission—a journey you make possible.

Arriving at Our Door


Ben grew up with a great family structure, with Christ at the center. “I had both parents, two sisters and as a child I was really blessed.”

But by the time he started high school, Ben had lost faith in God and started going down a dark path of smoking pot and drinking. “Well, I’ll be totally candid with you,” he told us when he arrived. “Things started to go really bad for me.”

Two decades later he was hooked on meth and could barely function. His path to redemption started when he came through our door recently.

“I lost my sanity. I was as broke as I’d ever been,” Ben says. “I was thinking I can’t even function as a human being. So, yeah, I ended up deciding I needed to come in here. So, I came in to the Denver Rescue Mission.”

Today Ben is on the first steps to a transformed life. Thanks to you.

First Steps


Thanks to the monthly support of friends like you, Ben’s first days at the Mission were exactly what he needed to stabilize his life enough to start down his personal pathway of hope. With your support, the Mission was able to provide emergency services—food, shelter, clothing and medical care—that put him into the frame of mind he needed to start his journey to recovery.

“The biggest thing the Rescue Mission did for me at first was to give me a place where I was taken care of—because I couldn’t function in society,” Ben says.

Now Ben has chosen to join our New Life Program—a program fully supported by Pathways of Hope partners like you. We will keep you posted on Ben’s progress as he works to renew his life.

Committing to Transformation


Ben's Story 3

Ben came to the Mission a broken man. His years of abusing alcohol and meth were hard to leave behind. He had lost everything when he came to the Mission for shelter and emergency care.

But now Ben felt his heart change, and made a commitment to restore his life by going through our New Life Program.

“To me, it was purely God’s grace because I’d always been fighting something, and I just came in and gave up,” Ben says. “It was just like, “Okay, God, show me who you are. Let’s do this. You’re God, basically.”

“My turning point felt like a miracle,” Ben says. “He changed my heart and the Mission was his instrument.”

Thank you for your ongoing support, which is making Ben’s journey possible. We’re all excited to see his life change.

Turning It Over to God


After a few months in our New Life Program, Ben has overcome addictive urges and has begun to renew his relationship with God. He had considered himself a Christian earlier in life before addiction and meth use led him down a dark road of self-destruction.

At that point, Ben began to disbelieve the scripture and started hating God. Now, he has rediscovered what God’s redemptive love can do in his life.

“Chaplin Dan had us in the Word a lot. We have to turn in devotions. Experiencing God’s grace coming here has allowed me to start to believe the scripture,” Ben says.

“I was in the Word just like I was when I first got saved,” Ben says “God allowed me to just like surrender everything just like being an infant.”

Thank you for the blessings you are bringing into the life of Ben and others. Stay tuned for more.

Learning Life Skills and More


While in our New Life program, Ben has recovered from his addiction and given himself over to the God’s will for his life. He can’t help but recall how he was in the world before he came to the Mission:

“I was doing crystal meth every day while working. Pretty quickly I couldn’t afford it, so I start selling it. Ended up quitting my job and just going full time selling drugs.”

Today, thanks to you Ben’s become involved in a local church and is looking forward to re-entering the job market once he graduates.

“Where I want to go is to work as an electrician again.” Ben says. “Another thing I want to do is live a life that honors God but also continue to make decisions that keep me from being a burden to people. I’m involved in a really good church and I just want to grow.”

Thank you for getting Ben to the last steps on his path to transformation. We will be happy to report back.

A Restored Life—Thanks to You


Ben has overcome his meth addiction and has left the Mission as a happy, productive Christian man who gives God all the credit for the changes in his life. He also gives gratitude to Pathways of Hope supporters like you. His pathway is complete, and he is excited to embark on a new journey of self-sufficiency.

“I think what’s changed from then to now is that it’s actually not a burden to pursue holiness anymore,” Ben told us. “I’m excited about life because I get to obey God. In doing that it just brings me closer to Him.”

We give our gratitude for your ongoing support as well. Others like Ben are on their journeys, and each and every month you are making hope possible. Thank you.

* Ben’s name and image have been changed for privacy purposes.