Sackcloth & Ashes Blanket Company Warms Up Lawrence Street

Sackcloth & Ashes was founded by Bob Dalton after his mother’s experience with homelessness moved him to help uplift those in need. When he asked homeless shelters how he could help, they all highlighted their need of blankets. Now his company donates a blanket to a local shelter for each blanket purchased. After launching its Blanket the United States campaign in June 2018 to donate one million blankets to shelters by 2024, the company has traveled the country to spread the warmth. They even made a stop here in Denver to bless the Mission’s Next Step members. “

Bob and his team teamed up with World Market executives, Ben Higgins and Generous Coffee employees. After touring the Lawrence Street facilities, everyone gathered in the chapel and formed a circle to discuss their thoughts about what they observed during the tour and how we can all join forces to change the lives of our guests for the better. As a fly on the wall during this time of sharing, it was so heartwarming and inspiring to hear everyone’s thoughts and participate in the group prayer that followed–thanking God for orchestrating our time together and asking that His will be done in our efforts.

Once Next Step members began to file into the chapel for the event and grab refreshments, Bob shared his testimony. What really stood out from the story was his emphasis on the fact that his mom was extremely hardworking yet still faced homelessness. He also walked us through how his mother’s experience shifted his own perspective of the face of homelessness and the different ways it can arise in someone’s life.

Next Step members were then invited to share their stories with attendees. Hearing testimonies is always one of my favorite parts of being a part of the Mission family. Personal testimonies give us an opportunity to see how God has beautifully and masterfully written and worked in someone else’s story. This often serves as an encouraging faith-builder that reminds us of God’s consistent faithfulness and goodness in our lives and the lives of others.

After all the blankets were handed out and all hugs were exchanged, we took to the kitchen to help serve dinner to our guests. Between the thought-provoking conversations, upbeat tunes and smiles on the guests’ faces when they came to receive their plate, the evening was definitely one to remember. I found out that night that I am definitely not an expert at neatly pouring ranch over salad greens, but I had plenty of fun doing it!

It’s opportunities like these that really open my eyes to the needs of the world around us and how we can all join hands to make a significant, far-reaching impact. From blankets to meals to smiles and encouraging words, God has equipped us all with something valuable and vital to give. As we wrap it in the love of Christ, it is bound to warm hearts and change lives.