Kathie Ruesch

Kathie Ruesch

Kathie is a Denver native, whose family grew up giving to the Mission, and she has personally been donating to the Mission since 2008. As a retired nurse, Kathie believes that “God loves a cheerful giver,” and she truly values helping others.

What initially inspired you to get involved with the Mission?

It always makes me feel good to write checks to charity, and I truly feel this habit is one that was instilled in me since I was a child, as it was one of my mom and dad’s charities they supported. I am so thankful for the example they set, and because God blessed me with the ability to earn a good living as a nurse, I have some funds to be able help others.

You mentioned you were diagnosed in 2020 with stage four pancreatic cancer. Why is it important for you to give back to others when you, yourself, are going through a trying time?

I have been on chemo every other week since April 2020 and still living, which makes me in the two percent of people like me. God has been so good at getting me through this time. If we really live our faith and we think about what Jesus did for us, to go through cancer, we should take Him along the journey. Whether we’re sick or not, we need to continue to think of others because this life is not just about us. That’s why you keep giving, because if you are just focused on you or me, you don’t gain anything. Whether you volunteer or keep others in your thoughts and prayers, doing it to the end is what our mission is to be. And I think sometimes adversity makes you think about that a little bit more.

What would you say to encourage others to support the Mission?

Come see it, because when you see the effects of the people and the place, you want to keep supporting. You think you know Denver Rescue Mission, but I personally didn’t know how many programs, services and the number of people they serve until I was given a tour and talked with those at The Crossing.

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