Jim Heyl

Jim Heyl worked in the aerospace industry for
35 years as a program manager. Now, as a
retiree, he enjoys volunteering at the Mission,
watching sports, running, and spending time
with his three children and four grandchildren.

What are some of your responsibilities when you volunteer in the Broncos Room?

I have been in the youth room for nine years. Since my own kids are grown, the youth room provides
an opportunity for me to work with kids and continue doing something I am good at and enjoy.
With the younger students I help them with counting, colors and shapes. With older students I help
with reading, writing and math. A big part is just talking with the students and seeing how they
are doing.

What are some ways you’ve seen the Broncos Room and The Crossing support the youth?

They help kids build confidence, learn responsibility and develop a positive outlook on life. We just
want to show kids that people do care about them and their family and want to help them succeed.

In what ways has volunteering at the Mission impacted your life?

When I enter the building, there is a positive environment where the people are friendly and
accepting. When I leave the youth room, I try to take that same positive environment and share it
with others I interact with and meet. But every time I visit the youth room, I learn as much from the
kids as they learn from me. It has helped me view all situations in my life from all [perspectives]
and develop a better understanding of what is going on in the world and what I can do to make it
better for others.

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