Jasmine Talcott

Jasmine is a 10-year-old who loves playing outside with her brother, snuggling her cats and caring for others. She is especially passionate about helping those facing homelessness and has been donating monthly to the Mission since August 2022.

Why is it important for you to give back to those experiencing homelessness?

I just have empathy for some of the people who don’t have housing and the people who are out on the streets with signs asking for money for their kids or for food. It’s disappointing and sad that they don’t have money to get their essentials. They make me feel worried for them especially when we had that very bad weather storm. I think it was in the negatives and they had basically nowhere to stay.

What keeps you donating?

The newsletters. It tells me information about what the organization does, like that they take in people to give them shelter, food, water, and clothing. There was also one time when me and my family went to a severe weather shelter, and we brought muffins for everybody. I sat down and talked with some of them. It was something I never experienced, and they told me thank you and said I had a big heart.

How does it make you feel to donate and give back?

I feel very excited that I’m part of a community that thinks I do make a difference with the money I give and the things I do.

Jasmine’s mom, Jenni:

My husband and I give our kids money each month that they can give to an organization that they care about. Jasmine has always had a passion for the homeless. It really came from her seeing the street signs. We’d be driving and she’d ask questions like, “Why don’t they have money? Why don’t they have food? Why don’t they have a home?” She even told us one day, “Can’t they just live with us? If everybody just took everybody in, then they would all have a place to live.” It bothered her, and I said, “Well if it bothers you then we should do something about it.” I say when I grow up, I want to be her.

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