Douglass and Jason Barrow

Brothers Douglass and Jason Barrow have owned and operated Boyer’s Coffee since 2015. With Douglass, roastmaster, and Jason, president, utilizing their past corporate experiences and their passion for great coffee, Boyer’s Coffee continues to be the largest family-owned Colorado coffee roastery.

What initially drew Boyer’s Coffee to supporting Denver Rescue Mission?

Boyer’s Coffee was founded in 1965 by Bill Boyer, who started supporting the Mission more than 30
years ago. For us, our dad instilled service into our everyday lives growing up, so we’ve continued
this as we’ve grown our business and engrained it into our practices. Our dad used to volunteer at a
local homeless shelter where we grew up, and he invited us to go with him to help. We would spend
the night at the shelter, doing several loads of laundry and preparing breakfast for the next morning. Those experiences left a big impression on our desire to help those in need.

You’ve developed a close relationship with our staff member, Lisette Williams, who has also been with us for 30 years. What has it meant to you to connect so closely with her?

We love Lisette and her dedication to the cause. Seeing her dedication to the community is inspiring. She cares on a deep level for everyone and is so giving with her time and empathy. Everyone is equal in Lisette’s eyes, and it shines through. Every conversation with her leaves me feeling more positive and appreciative every single time! She is an angel.

What is your favorite part about supporting the Mission?

It keeps our company grounded and involves us in the community. Knowing that some of the
Mission’s daily consumable coffee costs are covered through our donations, and that we can
provide a warm and comforting cup of coffee gives us great joy. And since we’ve begun with the
Mission, we’ve seen great progress with transitional programs that help individuals and families
gain positivity in our community. There have been more safe places for families to live, which is
amazing to see.

This post is part of January’s Changing Lives Newsletter. This month, we’re celebrating our 130th Anniversary by talking about Jim Goodheart, a former guest and early leader at the Mission.