Diane Holbert

Diane Holbert, CTP and VP Treasury Sales and Services Officer at Pacific Western Bank, is a Certified Treasury Professional with an extensive background in banking and public services.

In addition to supporting our downtown Christmas meal, what inspired Pacific Western Bank to donate to Denver Rescue Mission during COVID-19?

Pacific Western Bank’s leadership and its employees are community-centric and responsive to the
needs of the communities in which we live. When the pandemic hit, we engaged quickly. We had
two objectives: ensure that local economies were supported through partnerships with local small
business development agencies and ensure that those who serve the most vulnerable populations
have the resources they need.

In what ways has your involvement with the Mission impacted you and your team?

My team and I believe that giving back to our community is inherently important to who we are as a bank and individuals. Creating a culture of generosity and caring about and respecting the individuals who find themselves in a time of need is paramount to a rewarding workplace environment. We are honored to partner with the Mission to play our small part in breaking the cycle of homelessness and providing opportunities for self-sufficiency as well as providing shelter from the storm and a hot meal. This is what serving our fellow man is about.

Why is the Mission’s work important to you personally?

When I was a little girl, I had the opportunity to visit museums and stores in downtown Chicago
occasionally with my parents or on field trips. On one such trip, I experienced an event which has
stayed with me to this day. It was my first experience witnessing the effects of homelessness on
another person. It was not his appearance that made an impression on this girl from rural Illinois—it was his desperate hunger. His reaching into a waste bin on the corner of a cold and dirty downtown street and pulling out a crust of someone’s unfinished sandwich—eating right there without hesitation—indelibly impressed this picture of need and suffering on my heart. This is why the Rescue Mission is so meaningful to me—to bring hope, respect and love to those who are striving to survive, grow and succeed in this world.

This post is part of March’s Changing Lives Newsletter. In this edition, COVID-19: One Year Later, you’ll read about some of the silver linings that the Mission and our guests have experienced during this challenging year.