The Mission in My Words: Broomfield United Methodist Church Mentor Team

Meet the Mentor Team

Since 2005, Janice, John, Kathy, Cami, and Jim (not pictured) have collectively mentored about 20 families through the Mission’s Family Rescue Ministry program.

What inspired you to mentor with Denver Rescue Mission?

We realized we had the heart for helping local families. We’ve gotten a lot out of the mentor program and met some wonderful families. We see some amazing strong women that battle to support their families, and Tonya is one of them who dug in to make it work. That inspires us.

How have you been able to support the 20 families you have been paired with over the years?

It’s not just us; we rely on our church and friends to help with donating tires, furniture, gift cards, bus tickets, and things like that. It’s a network of people helping, and they have been really good all these years. We have shelves at our church that are dedicated to us so when we put out a plea, people can leave items there.

What are some of the things you do as a mentor team?

At the first meeting, we try to build a relationship and assess their immediate needs. We find donated items for them as well as do back to school shopping if it’s a family with kids. At Christmas we will get a list of things each member of the family would like and have people from our church buy the gifts. We will also talk to them about their work goals, personal goals, financial goals, and family goals.

What has it meant to your team personally to be mentors?

It’s just answering the call. You feel like it’s what you should do, but you grow in understanding and compassion and just witness the human spirit. You don’t do it for a pat on the back, but just do what we’re called to do—be the hands and feet of Christ. One time a mentee asked us, ‘Why do you do this?’ We said, ‘We’re at a place in our lives where we’re able to give back, and in the future, you’ll be able to do this for somebody else.’ She really liked that.

Learn How to Become a Mentor

Make a direct and long-term impact on someone’s life, and your
own, by becoming a mentor at Denver Rescue Mission.

This post is part of December’s Changing Lives Newsletter. This month, we’re telling the story of Tonya in, The Greatest Gift: A Caring Community.