At Denver Rescue Mission, we believe that Mother’s Day is an opportunity not only to express our appreciation for the way the mothers in our STAR Transitional Program care for and love their children but also to speak truth into their lives.

It’s an incredible opportunity to have the resources and volunteers needed to host this special Mother’s Day dinner where we do exactly that.

The Love of a Mother

The eyes of a mother see value and potential in their child even when that child struggles to see it in themselves. They are the voice in their child’s corner saying:

“I’m here for you.”

“I believe in you.”

“There is hope.”

“Keep on going.”

The Mothers in our STAR Program find themselves needing to remind and encourage their children of these things more often because of the circumstances they are living in. The driving force of that encouragement is Love. Love that says I will make a way for my child, even when it seems like there is no way. That way they are making has led them to enter the doors of Denver Rescue Mission.

Many of the mothers in our STAR Program are transitioning out of circumstances that include domestic abuse and financial instability. The STAR Program enables these mothers to provide a safe and encouraging place to live for their children as they transition toward obtaining their own long-term homes. Some of the things that these mothers have the opportunity to engage with while at the Mission are life-skills training, financial management training and learning how to cultivate healthy community relationships. Their children have the opportunity to enjoy the Broncos Room, the epicenter of all the programs for kids and teens living at The Crossing. It is a space for kids to escape and enjoy being kids, engage with volunteer tutors, and grow emotionally. When kids are here, their mothers know they will be valued and encounter hope.

Love for a Mother

Similarly, we see value and potential in these mothers that they can struggle to see in themselves. They often pour far more time, energy and encouragement into their children than they receive themselves. They spend so much time talking with their children about hope and value, yet they struggle to find hope and value in themselves. That’s why we think it’s important for Mothers in our STAR Program to have someone in their corner to remind them:

“We’re here for you.”

“We believe in you.”

“You are worthy of finding Hope.”

“Keep on going.”

Escaping situations that involve domestic violence or financial insecurity can leave wounds that lead to a continued sense of doubt in their value and ability to find hope. Reminding these mothers of their value is one of the most life-giving portions of their time at The Crossing. When they begin to believe in their own value again, they regain the ability to find hope, live into a better future and discover a renewed ability to encourage and support their children.

Upon completing the STAR Program, mothers no longer say, “I WILL create a way,” but rather begin saying, “I HAVE created a way.” In that future, their children can live out the value and potential their mothers see in them. And their family can break free from the cycle of relational and financial poverty they’ve experienced.

“My goal is to be a role model for my kids from here on out, do the right things and show them stability.”

Erin, STAR Program Participant

This Year’s Mother’s Day Celebration

As mothers in our STAR Program began to arrive at The Crossing Café for a special Mother’s Day meal, they were greeted with smiles from staff and volunteers who were excited to share appreciation for each of them simply for who they are.

These mothers sat down to a warm home-cooked meal of ham, beef roast, potatoes and gravy, vegetables, dinner rolls, and dessert. We continued to celebrate them as we gave each mother a special framed print that would remind them of their value and gift bags filled with some special treats for them to enjoy.   

“I really believe in helping people help themselves and I think there’s no better organization than this one.”

Dolores, Volunteer

We couldn’t do this if it weren’t for the generosity of our volunteers and donors. The time, money, and energy you all put into the Mission is changing lives. Because of you, mothers can enter our doors and discover the hope of soon entering the door to their own home one day. For that, we are grateful.

Happy Mothers Day.

Written by: Samuel Veltkamp, Digital Marketing Specialist