Mother's Day Magic! 2

“Mom turned upside down is WOW!”

The definition of mom in the Webster’s Dictionary reads, “One’s mother.”

But for those who work at Denver Rescue Mission, we believe the definition of “mom” goes much further than that. In fact, we’d go as far to say the moms we serve embody true love and compassion. They are some of the strongest females we know. They are beautiful inside and out. And, they are our heroes day in and out.

The mothers we work with have overcome many obstacles in their lives. Despite these challenges, they’ve worked hard to get onto the path of self-sufficiency and into the STAR Transitional program or Family Rescue Ministry program.

The Mission staff member’s aren’t the only ones who think our moms are the best of the best. But, their very kids believe their moms are just as spectacular as us.

When you ask 6-year-old Araiah what her favorite thing about her mom is she says, “I love her 100%. She feeds us and does fun stuff with us.”

10-year-old Alaiza also had a sweet thank you message for her mom too, “Thank you for helping us and keeping us healthy and safe.”

We are in awe of all the moms we serve not just this Mother’s Day, but every single day. From our Denver Rescue Mission family, we are wishing the best Mother’s Day ever!