Joe & Kellie Isaac

Joe and Kellie are 18-year “natives” of Colorado. Joe is a central nuclear pharmacy manager and Kellie works in software and technology. They love to spend time outside with their pups or in the garage restoring their old Land Cruiser. They really appreciate DRM and all the great work it does for Denver and surrounding communities.

What inspired you to donate a vehicle to the Mission?

The Mission not only nourishes people (food and soul) but helps them get back on their feet with new skills so they can prosper and give back. We love working on cars and we had a Honda Civic that we decided someone else could benefit from. Having transportation helps folks get to and from jobs, enabling flexibility and freedom.

How do you think a vehicle helps those who graduate from our programs?

Do you remember getting your first car as a teenager? Holy buckets, it meant freedom! Having a vehicle means options, and options give freedom to choose, learn and grow. Cars allow them to have more options of where they can get jobs to earn a living or where they can go to school to learn a trade. Their travel radius is now unlimited because they can go places they might have been constrained by public transportation.

What was it like to receive a letter from the graduate who got the vehicle you donated?

We received a lovely thank you letter with a picture of the new owner. Our hearts swelled. The smile on the gentleman’s face is priceless. We have the note and picture hanging in our house because he was a graduate who overcame a lot, worked hard and earned that car.

What would you say to encourage others to donate a vehicle to the Mission?

It’s been one of the most gratifying donations we’ve made, partly because we enjoyed working on the car to get it ready for someone else and mostly because we know the Mission is helping people get back on their feet. If you’re worried that your car isn’t in great shape, don’t let that hold you back! The Mission has a great garage that inspects the cars, gets them up to snuff and ready for graduates.

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