After hearing about the Mission’s New Life Program, Shane knew that was the path he needed to take to escape the grasp of addiction. Now as a graduate of the program, God has paved the way for Shane toward a future with purpose.

A Bumpy Road

From the outside, it looked like Shane had “made it”: he bought his first house at the age of 25, held a stable job and was making six figures. But when a substance abuse problem grew to the point where he was no longer allowed to see his daughter, his world crumbled. He spent years in and out of sobriety until his addiction left him in a position he never thought he’d experience—homelessness.

He was without a home or a job, living in a tent in the woods, when he realized the only way he’d get out of that situation was if he let God pave the way.

“The addiction was the worst it had ever been in my life,” he said. “I remember telling people, ‘God is going to get me out of this.’ I knew on my own I was never going to get out of it.”

“God is so faithful. It’s amazing what he can do if you just let go.”


Shane ended up having to serve time in jail, but it was a blessing in disguise because it was there that his knowledge of God turned into a flame of faith. “After a few months in jail, God revealed himself,” Shane said. “Someone sent me a study Bible and that’s when I really started crying out to God and everything just changed.”

The Road to Recovery

When Shane was released from jail, he prayed for God to direct him to the right place, and soon after, he found the Lawrence Street Shelter.

Right away Shane learned about the New Life Program (NLP), the year-long rehabilitation program at The Crossing. He knew he needed to join, a huge incentive being the vehicle he could receive after graduating the program. “What an awesome place to be,” he said. “You get to work, save money, get a car, get treatment, and get to grow with God—it’s a no brainer.”

His time in the program was one of spiritual growth and life transformation. “The Bible came to life. Scripture began to be the living word,” he said. “If you allow yourself to be teachable and open your heart to Him, He’ll open the doors.”

After graduating the program, not only did Shane receive a donated vehicle, but he got a job with P2P Recovery Resources, a program that offers peer support for those in the process of recovery. It’s a job that allows him to stay connected with the men in the NLP.

His vehicle allows him to drive those men to church, Bible studies and more. “I probably drive three to five hundred miles a week. It’s been great, and I haven’t had one single issue with it,” Shane said. “It’s so helped me—I wouldn’t have been able to do my job without it.”

Thank You for Changing Lives

Your support is giving men like Shane the chance to take a new path and change their lives.

The Road Ahead

Now Shane encourages men to join the NLP and shares his testimony so they can see that it’s possible to truly change their lives. “After going through it, I would not have it any other way,” he said. “God is so faithful. It’s amazing what He can do if you just let go.”

Shane doesn’t know what comes next for him, but he knows that God will use him for His purpose. “I don’t know what God is going to do next, but I’m just like use me,” he said. “All I can think about is two years ago where I was at, one year ago where I was at, and if I continue on the path that I’m on, where am I going to be in five years from now? It’s just super exciting.”

Receive, Repair, Regift

We accept donated vehicles in any condition, have auto mechanics on staff who work alongside NLP participants to inspect and repair the vehicles, then gift them to program graduates. Cars that cannot be repaired and/or gifted for any reason are auctioned off.


Vehicles Donated


Vehicles we are inspecting on average at one time


Vehicles gifted to graduates

*Numbers reflect the fiscal year 2020-21

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