Lindsey Krenzer

Lindsey Krenzer is the Denver program director for Back on My Feet, a national nonprofit that combats homelessness through the power of running, community support and essential employment and housing resources.

Will you describe Back on My Feet’s partnership with Denver Rescue Mission?

When Back on My Feet (BoMF) began our expansion to Denver, we reached out to the Mission. The DRM leadership and program team was so welcoming to our model and open to collaborating on shared goals. BoMF operates with the Mission’s STAR Transitional Program and New Life Program. Once a Mission participant joins BoMF, they run with our volunteers and staff two mornings a week, attend a weekly workshop on employment, finance, wellness, and housing, and receive one-on-one coaching. We also support our alumni once they graduate and move out of The Crossing. During COVID-19, BoMF kept our program running virtually for all members.

How has this partnership with the Mission impacted your team?

It really is a team environment with dedicated staff who put participants first. The Mission team has been open to collaborating since day one. Our partnership with the Mission has really redefined what a great partnership looks like.

Why is the Mission’s work important in breaking the cycle of homelessness?

The Mission understands multiple aspects of the cycle of homelessness and created programming to address these. If you are facing an addiction, you need time, guidance and space to work toward sobriety. You also need housing, food, basic needs, and a job to start working toward self-sufficiency. The variety of programming allows the Mission to meet members where they are at and provides resources and stability so they can be successful when they leave.

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