Dear Friends,

Within the pages of the monthly editions of our Changing Lives newsletter, we share stories of hope with you. All of these stories touch me in some way and encourage me that our work here at Denver Rescue Mission is so important. For me, reading this month’s story about Noreen, her son David, and her walk through this life, really softened my heart.

When you work at the Mission, you hear a lot of stories about struggle and see a lot of pain. You also get to see so many good things—so many miracles of life-changing proportions. I think Noreen’s story reminded me how close we all are to being homeless. Life’s circumstances, such as a health condition, the loss of a loved one and the difficulty of raising a child you love so much who is struggling are all reasons someone may become homeless.

Noreen’s story reminded me why we are here. I am so thankful that she had a place to go—that she came through our doors. The Mission is so much more than a soup kitchen. We are a place that offers hope through the love of Jesus. I am so grateful that there are people like you who donate financially to help, who want to volunteer even in a pandemic, and who pray regularly for God’s work here through our staff.

Noreen’s story, like so many others who come to us for help, is one of trusting in God. Over the last few months as we have battled this pandemic, we have clung to God’s faithfulness and the hope we have in Jesus. We remind ourselves daily that God is in control.

Thank you for partnering with us in this great work. I am humbled by your confidence in us.

Letter from our CEO: April 2021

Brad Meuli has been President/CEO at the Mission since 2001. Brad joined the Mission after a 17-year career in banking. Previous to his staff position he served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Read his full bio.

This post is part of May’s Changing Lives Newsletter. This month, you’ll read about a widow named Noreen who is working hard to find affordable housing for her and her son David, who has autism.

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