Dear Friends,

It is not unusual for me to get calls from mothers, wives, brothers, or other family members asking about our New Life Program for men. They are concerned about the people they love. After telling them about our program, I ask, “Do you think he is ready?” They usually respond by indicating that they hope so and that they know their loved one needs our program. Then, I have to say these words, “If he is finally at the place of wanting change, he needs to call and tell us he wants to join.”

It takes an incredible amount of courage to do this—to pick up that phone and say, “I need help. I cannot live like this anymore.” Most people are like Albert in this month’s story. They do not see themselves as homeless. Because of the courage it takes to try and change, we do not always receive that call for help. Men who need to change must be at the point of wanting change, which is often the lowest point of their lives.

Albert is an example of someone who was ready to make a change. He wanted his old life back and to be sober once again. We have nearly 140 men currently enrolled in our New Life Program at The Crossing and Harvest Farm, who are living with us and receiving counseling, case management and work readiness. They are being exposed—many for the first time—to the love of Jesus, in hopes of changing their lives forever.

A few months ago, we had to move our Denver program to a local hotel because of a frozen water line. I am so proud of the way our staff pivoted and stayed flexible. We really did not miss a beat, and our participants adapted well to the change. Right in the middle of one of the most critical times in their lives, they got flooded out of their rooms. We hope to be back at The Crossing this fall.

If you know someone who needs our help, please have them call us. We want to help and because of donors like you, there is no cost for our program participants. Just a little bit of courage is needed for that first call.

Brad Meuli

Brad Meuli has been President/CEO at the Mission since 2001. Brad joined the Mission after a 17-year career in banking. Previous to his staff position he served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Read his full bio.

This post is part of July’s Changing Lives Newsletter. This month, you’ll learn all about Albert and how your gifts help men like him overcome addiction and transform their lives through the New Life Program.

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