Dear Friends,

Have you ever seen someone rise from the ashes of a disappointment or failure and regain their honor and dignity? It is one of the most satisfying feelings! It’s why we go to the movies, read great novels and inspiring non-fiction. It’s also why I feel so privileged to work at Denver Rescue Mission—Harvest Farm.

Phil’s story is one of many that I have witnessed where a man who was broken, traumatized, and profoundly lost found his way through the support and safety of Harvest Farm.

There are so many more stories every day at Harvest Farm. One young man, just paroled from a six year prison stint was tending to a goat who just birthed three babies. The runt was left to fend for itself and most likely starve, but this participant took to feeding the baby goat every 30 minutes until it strengthened and recovered. Now “Bella” follows him around the Farm, and the part of this man that cares and protects the weak arose from being long buried and beaten down.

Another recent graduate has a long history in the criminal drug world and struggled to redefine himself apart from that life. He’s experienced all that this world can offer him and found that what he really wants is a relationship with his daughters. Now he works hard and saves his money in order to move near them and be their father.

We believe God’s love transforms these men through their experiences with nature, our staff, and their own desire to live a more whole life.

Courageous people like Phil do all the hard work, the Harvest Farm staff walked with them every step of the way, and our amazing donors make it possible for Harvest Farm to be a sacred place of transformation. Thank you!

Seth Forwood 
Director of Harvest Farm