Thank you to all the sponsors who participated in the 2021 Housewarming Box program. In its third year, the program received 680 plastic storage bins filled with household and hygiene supplies which served 340 families in time for Christmas.

Families who received the supplies are part of the Mission’s Family Rescue Ministry or Family Refugee Services. These programs provide financial assistance towards first month’s rent and deposit and help families to stabilize into long-term housing of their own. The Housewarming Box supplies provide much-needed relief as they meet their rental payments and bills to sustain a place to live for their family.

“I don’t have extra money right now – everybody is struggling,” said Deidrea, a Family Rescue Ministry participant. “To have these items, it helps me keep extra money in my pocket to get other things that I need.”

Housewarming Box Program  Serves 340 Families

The families expressed their deep gratitude for the supplies they received. “Thank you for thinking of others at this time,” Deidrea said. “Thank you for taking the thought and time out to put that into other people’s homes that might not have as much.”

Thank You to Our Amazing Donors!

The Housewarming Box program was first started in 2019 to pair the overwhelming generosity of the community during the holidays with the immediate needs of families on the brink of homelessness. Starting in October each year, community members can sign-up to be a Housewarming Box sponsor. Detailed instructions and shopping lists are provided for filling plastic storage bins with household and hygiene essentials like sheets, towels, laundry detergent, soap and more. The program provides a straightforward holiday giving opportunity for families, church groups, school organizations or colleagues to rally around together.

“[The Housewarming Box program] shows love first and foremost,” explained Holly Velarde, Case Manager for Family Rescue Ministry. “You can see the intention and the love poured into these boxes – you can see it in every pairing.”

Families were overjoyed as their cars were loaded with these essential supplies at the December 18 distribution event. “I appreciate how happy it makes people coming through,” Holly said. “We never know what people are going through. It is the hope and wish that whatever they need, God is fulfilling and we’re just his servants.”

Thank you for responding with love and generosity to families in need this holiday season!

What’s Inside a Set of Housewarming Boxes?

A Housewarming Box consists of a pair: one box of household items and one box of hygiene items. From towels and soaps to deodorant and toothpaste, these boxes are filled with basic essentials that help families in need prioritize their budget toward other important things.

We provide specific shopping lists to make it very easy to fill your boxes. Our goal is to provide one Housewarming Box set to each family. It costs between $150-$200 for you to purchase everything on the lists.

Packing housewarming boxes is easy.

Written by: Christine Branson, Events Specialist