As the world is trying to recover from the challenges of the past year, we are also rejoicing in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This Easter at Denver Rescue Mission, we gathered together and served about 250 meals to individuals at Lawrence Street Community Center (LSCC) and families and individuals living at The Crossing.

Breaking Bread Together: Denver Rescue Mission Celebrates Easter 3

Sharing Meals as a Mission Family

A meal can mean so much to someone who has experienced life on the streets, where a hot meal is a rare occurrence. Andrew, who has been coming to the Mission for about a month, feels blessed by any meal handed to him.

“Out there, not having food at all is the worst, so when people or places do give, it’s a lot,” Andrew said. “I see it as something I’ve never had—something that nobody would just hand to me, so I call it a blessing.”

Shannon, who came to the Mission after moving back to Colorado to help his parents, also feels blessed for everything the Mission has done for him—from providing housing to providing an Easter meal.

“Denver Rescue Mission is saving my life. I appreciate everything. I don’t know where I’d be without them,” Shannon said with tears in his eyes. “Thank you Denver Rescue Mission. You’re a lifesaver.”

The Blessings of a Supportive Community

Being able to touch lives like Shannon’s is such a blessing to us, and we are beyond blessed to serve alongside such a generous community. It is through such bountiful and meaningful donations that we are able to provide for our guests.

Thanks to the support of multiple donor families, we distributed Easter baskets and “blessing bags” to hundreds of families throughout the Mission.

The Filsinger family donated about 50 Easter baskets with the hope that children at the Mission would feel loved and supported this Easter season. Using reusable baskets and ones made from recycled materials, the Filsinger family filled them with candy, bunny straws, games, and more.

“[Giving] is something that’s important and [has] always been a priority in our life,” Lindsay Filsinger said. “Life is very good for our kids, [but] not everybody lives the way they do, and if you can give—even if it’s a little Easter basket—you should because it’s impactful and makes a big difference.”

Children living at The Crossing received one of the 137 total baskets that our wonderful donor families put together. Not only that, but they were able to go on an Easter egg hunt and had fun dyeing and decorating eggs.

Another Easter surprise was when Steller Real Estate organized a food drive for the Mission. More than 50 households came together to donate canned goods, pasta, sauce, cereal, crackers, snacks, and more. They filled an entire pickup truck to the brim with donated food!

“As a company, our work is to sell homes, [but] we recognize that there are so many people for whom homeownership is not a reality,” said Emily of Stellar Real Estate. “Many are struggling to have a roof over their heads at all. It was with this in mind that we decided to help those facing homelessness and poverty. We were hoping to do our small part in giving back to those in need.”

Reflecting on the Resurrection

Jesus died on the cross because He loves every single one of us, and at the Mission, we hope to do all we can to love and serve those who come to us for help. Easter is the time to reflect on this and—for guests like Nate—to be with family or those who feel like family.

“We’re not allowed to pick our family we’re born into, but we can pick our family we die with, and most of these people here [at the Mission] that I know are family,” Nate said.

With his Mission family, Nate was able to share a meal of ham, potatoes, bread, salad, and ice cream at LSCC. “This is Easter—coming together, eating [and] breaking bread,” he said. “That was the idea of the Last Supper: breaking bread and getting to know each other, and what better way to do it than with a meal.”

Written by: Linneya Gardner, Content and Photography Intern