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Anita Padilla-Fitzgerald is the Founder/President/CEO of MegaStar Financial.

Why is it important to MegaStar Financial to support the Mission’s Thanksgiving initiatives?

It is important to us to give because of the thought of our fellow Americans and their children not having the opportunity to enjoy a warm meal on a day that is so important to our country.

What was your team’s biggest takeaway after volunteering at the Thanksgiving Banquet?

They learned that many of the recipients are warm and loving people, who for various reasons have struggled.

How has this partnership with the Mission impacted you and your team at MegaStar?

We have had the opportunity to experience how we each share the gratitude for our blessings. I am grateful for my blessings and my health, both physical and mental, for the family I was born into, and that God gave me compassion to know to be grateful.

This post is a part of November’s Changing Lives Newsletter. In this edition, Sharing the Harvest, you’ll learn about how your gifts are helping us feed thousands of men, women and children this Thanksgiving.