He Never Expected to End Up on the Streets…

Thriving…on the surface

Tom had a beautiful house. A high-powered job. Broncos season tickets. Nieces and nephews who loved him dearly. From the outside looking in, he led the perfect life. But in truth, he hid a secret shame.

Destructive cycles

Every day without fail, Tom came home from work and drank for hours on end. He leaned on alcohol to cope with decades-old trauma. Tom’s own father had abused and then abandoned him. Later, in combat overseas, Tom saw things that still keep him awake at night. 

Unseen in Denver

For a while, Tom tricked himself into believing he was a “functioning alcoholic.” But with time he lost his job, then his house. He became estranged from his friends and family. Tom wandered the streets of Denver like a ghost. People looked right past him and continued on their way. 

Tom Felt Invisible, But He’s Far From Alone


people are experiencing homelessness in Denver


live without shelter—on the streets, under bridges, in cars or camping areas


first-time guests to Denver Rescue Mission in 2020

A Miraculous Encounter

Tom’s path took a pivotal turn when an acquaintance told him about Denver Rescue Mission. “They give you a meal,” he said, “but it’s so much more than that.” Though he didn’t realize it yet, that moment would define Tom’s future.

“I always felt like something was missing in my life. I couldn’t figure out what that was until I came to Denver Rescue Mission.”


Lives Transformed, Every Day

Your compassion allows us to walk alongside guests like Tom as they work to rebuild their lives from the ground up. We meet our guests at their unique points of need through these four core strategies.

Emergency Services

People experiencing homelessness are invited inside, off the street, where their immediate needs are met with meals, 24/7 shelter, lockers, restrooms, showers, and laundry facilities. Mission staff develop relationships with guests and connect them to resources and services toward long-term solutions.


Men facing addiction and homelessness are equipped with skills and spiritual support to overcome destructive habits, engage in a healthy community, secure full-time employment and permanent housing, and begin new lives.

Transitional Programs

Families and individuals experiencing homelessness transition into self-sufficient lifestyles by developing life skills, saving money and securing housing. From a residential program with case management services to funding toward long-term housing solutions, our transitional programs meet the unique needs of families and seniors.

Community Outreach

People at risk of becoming homeless receive assistance with food, clothing, furniture, household items, holiday meals, and referrals to programs and services.


Seen, Loved and Accepted

Tom’s story didn’t begin on the street. It didn’t end there either. He came to the Mission with a deep-down desire for something greater than the way he’d lived to that point. We let him know new life was possible, but it wouldn’t be easy.

After we’d seen to Tom’s basic needs—things like food, a shower and temporary shelter—he decided to enroll in our New Life Program. This year-long, fully immersive experience helped Tom work through past trauma. He accepted Christ into his heart, took accountability for his past actions and began to repair broken relationships.

Today, Tom doesn’t feel like a ghost anymore. He’s fully employed, thriving in his sobriety and eager to see what the Lord has in store for his life.

Hope Starts With You

Give now to help men, women and children overcome homelessness and find a path to better lives.