Stewart is a nine-year-old who loves to play sports, board games with his family and read. He enjoys completing service projects at his school, St Vincent de Paul School (SVDP), and helping those in need.

How long have you been involved with SVDP Serves and why do you think it’s important to give back to those experiencing homelessness at Denver Rescue Mission?

I started working on Denver Rescue Mission projects in first grade. I am in third grade now. I think it is important to help people who are having a hard time. It is nice to give to people because they don’t have a home.

How does it make you feel to create things that those experiencing homelessness can enjoy?

It makes me feel happy knowing I am helping someone have joy. It was fun to do these projects and I want to do more of them because I like giving back and helping those in need.

You have helped create centerpieces for tables at our holiday banquets. Do you have a favorite centerpiece you’ve made?

Stewart's centerpieces

I helped make tissue paper flower centerpieces for Easter and yarn trees for Christmas. I liked making tissue paper flowers because the colors would make people feel happy when they see them.

My favorite centerpiece I made was the Christmas mason jars. We got to color a tag and write notes to make people feel better. I liked knowing someone would get to see my message.

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