Ron Neptune is a chaplain who serves participants joining the New Life Program (NLP) at Denver Rescue Mission. Previously, Ron served vulnerable populations as a cross-cultural missionary for over two decades in Colombia and Brazil. He is also a professional life and leadership coach.

Will you share about your experience and heart for doing missionary work?

I was a chaplain at the Mission 22 years ago, then was a cross-cultural missionary in Colombia
and Brazil and then came back to the Mission in July 2021. As a cross-cultural missionary, I
served refugee families, street children and sexually exploited and trafficked children through
evangelism, discipleship and social programs. In the last two decades I have served in various
capacities and roles, but the common denominator in them all has been networking with
government agencies, business communities, nonprofit sectors, and local churches on behalf of
people that many times had their rights violated.

Will you describe your role as a chaplain at the Mission and the impact it has had on your life?

The Mission has impacted my life in preparing me to minister to vulnerable populations. I disciple
men on a one-on-one basis, share the word of God in devotions/Bible classes and facilitate the
development of a new, healthy community for the men, which will support them after graduating the program. One of my favorite parts is working with my fellow colleagues (chaplains, case managers, counselors, and program coordinators) and seeing spiritual transformation in the participants.

What are some ways that you’ve seen Troy specifically grow or change during his time in the NLP?

The first time Troy was [in the NLP] he was just doing what he was expected to do. This time
around he has sought to not just do what he is expected to do but excel in every aspect of the
program. He has been through many traumatic things as a child and growing into adulthood, but
one of the NLP courses—called Authentic Manhood—specifically addressed and healed many of
his wounds from the past. Now, Troy’s main desire is to follow Jesus and do His will.

This post is part of February’s Changing Lives Newsletter. This month, we’re telling Troy’s story of finding healing through faith in the New Life Program.

Letter from Our CEO: February 2022