Randy Lewis

Randy Lewis is a risk manager for a commercial
insurance company. He and his wife, Carol, are members of Denver Rescue Mission’s Goodheart Society, a group of supporters who have chosen to include a gift to the Mission in their Will.

What inspired you to join the Goodheart Society?

Carol and I have been blessed with many opportunities and gifts. As it says in the Bible, to whom much is given, much will be required. To us, this means we are held responsible for what we have and how we use these gifts for the benefit of others.

The Goodheart Society offers a unique opportunity to leave a legacy that will impact individuals in need for years to come. Why does this form of giving stand out to you?

We have a great deal of respect and faith in the leadership of DRM because they maximize the resources made available to them. Also, we do not see ourselves as owners of our assets as much as we are stewards. As stewards, we have an obligation to help others who are less fortunate, and we know their needs will remain far past our demise.

In what other ways have you been involved with the Mission?

For those who are working to rebuild their lives, reliable transportation is critical for employment and providing for their needs. After learning about the Vehicle Donation Program, we looked forward to the day we could help someone in this way because we knew it would make a difference. Upon meeting the recipient of our car, he expressed his gratitude to us and said he fully intends to “pay it forward” to others. It reinforces the impact of helping others, because doing so places them in a position to do the same, and that is powerful.

To learn more about Legacy Giving opportunities at the Mission, visit our website.

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