Mauri Resseguie

Mauri Resseguie is the Events Committee Chair for the
Mission’s Young Professionals (YP) group and works in
the banking industry in the Denver metro area.

What inspired you to get involved as a Denver Rescue Mission Young Professional?

I was looking for opportunities to get involved with like-minded individuals in Denver and expand my network. Young Professionals immediately presented volunteer and networking events where I could serve dinner to Mission guests and socialize with the other volunteers afterward. As Denver is such a “transplant” city, it can be very hard to meet people outside of work who have similar interests. YP has provided me with such an important network of people who I now call friends.

How has being on the YP Leadership Committee challenged you?

Having a leadership role has challenged a different set of skills I normally wouldn’t use, like event
planning. I love collaborating with the other members and dreaming up the potential of our group.
I’ve used so many skills during my two years as a YP member. There is the volunteering aspect, and I’m constantly getting out of my comfort zone to meet new YP members. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the DRM employees as well and working with them toward a common goal.

What would you say to encourage others to become Young Professionals?

It’s a super open and welcoming group, and we love new members! We have multiple events every
month, and it’s so easy to sign up for a volunteer event for a few hours one evening. We are always
trying to incorporate a variety of activities and ways to be involved with the Mission and give back to the community.

Why is the Mission’s work important to you personally?

So many people fall into excruciating circumstances that land them in the grace of the Mission, and it’s important to be compassionate toward those individuals and provide them with support and resources. I think it’s imperative to get out of our element and volunteer at a place like Denver Rescue Mission. The Mission is doing amazing work, and I am so blessed to volunteer regularly and be involved with Young Professionals.

Interested in Our Young Professionals Group?

If you’re a young professional and want to join this growing network of passionate influencers, we invite you to serve, learn and connect with us!

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