Larry Cook

Larry is a retiree from the printing business and has volunteered at the Mission for about 25 years. He volunteers weekly serving meals at the Lawrence Street Community Center, 48th Avenue Center and/or The Crossing.

What has kept you serving weekly at the Mission for 25 years?

I’ve been retired for ten years and one big reason I do it is because God has given me the gift of evangelism. I’m a very committed Christian, and I know Jesus said, “The greatest among everybody is a servant.” I like interacting with people and my whole purpose is spiritual because I know that’s what the Bible wants us to do. I’ll do it until I can’t do it anymore.

What has volunteering meant to you personally?

Well, even today, as I was helping serve the meal, many people came by and said thank you for volunteering. It’s given me peace of mind and helps me get my mind off myself and onto others. That is critical because we are to love and serve one another. A lot of these people, their lives are in shambles, and they need encouragement. And, you know, I can only trust what God does behind the scenes.

Why do you think it’s especially important to help those experiencing homelessness during the holidays?

This is the time where love is displayed more, and it is a season where people seem to be in a different state of mind. I know those experiencing homelessness enjoy the presence of volunteers, especially during the holidays. Most of them have hit rock bottom, but even though they have a sad face on them, I know they feel a sense of community.

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