Karla Nugent

As a founding partner of Weifield Group, Karla is responsible for the company’s business development, marketing, sales, and preconstruction departments. She promotes Weifield’s values while advancing the industry and deepening the commitment to the communities in which we live and work.

Weifield Group has hired men out of our New Life Program (NLP) into their electrical apprenticeship program. Why is Weifield committed to supporting the men in this way?

This year we celebrated 20 years in business! From the beginning, we have had a strong desire to give back. Construction always needs good people and we wanted to supplement our staff with individuals that are going through a life transformation and need an opportunity, structure and a place that will believe in them. We created our pre-apprenticeship program to do just that.

Why is it important to Weifield to not only hire those who need extra support, but to pay them a livable wage?

Weifield’s company values are our PACT—they include People, Advance, Process, Community, and Trusting Relationships. If we’re really about the people, we will care about the whole well-being of our employees. We don’t just provide competitive pay and benefits, but things like counseling, coaching and health and fitness guidance. We also have an internal Weifield Council that talks about the needs of our employees which include not just a minimum wage, but a livable wage.

Why does Weifield work with our NLP participants on the interviewing process as well?

Interview prep can be a challenge for people who have a gap in their employment. We want to give people tools to make the interview a safe place to be honest and transparent about their past but with a focus on the future. I love to see good people looking to change their lives come into our pre-apprenticeship program and join our teams. They soon realize and benefit from the true power of a job and the power of a community that believes in people.

How has Weifield’s partnership with the Mission personally impacted you?

DRM inspires us to keep the lens that any of these life situations these people are experiencing could easily happen to you or me. We want to keep our focus on the people who are our children, brothers, sisters, and parents—our community. I appreciate what the Mission does as they weed through the substance abuse and mental health issues, build relationships and have a faith-base that can truly bring about life change. It’s really moving to see some of our people go from being on the streets to leading families, buying homes and taking care of themselves and others. God has done some really great things through your organization, and we are grateful to be a partner.

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