John Yallop

John is originally from England and has lived in Denver for the past 35 years. As a retired real estate appraiser, he now helps with his family’s property management company and spends time volunteering.

What initially inspired you to volunteer at Denver Rescue Mission?

My wife and I started volunteering in September 2020. Our daughter had been helping those experiencing homelessness, and during COVID we were looking for opportunities to volunteer with a faith-based mission.

What is your favorite part about volunteering?

The sense that perhaps, even beyond serving food and drinks, I can make a difference with a word of encouragement, a smile or just by making eye contact with individuals experiencing very stressful life circumstances. The interactions with guests at Lawrence Street in the morning tend to be brief, but every “thank you John” and “God bless” is so humbling. I make a point to try and remember the names and preferences of our regular guests to make sure they feel recognized and respected.

What would you say to encourage others to volunteer at the Mission?

There is a great sense of purpose at the Mission, serving a population that is often overlooked. To be able to help with that, even in a small way, is very rewarding. The Mission needs the support of volunteers as they provide help and solutions to those transitioning through this life situation. The staff members are incredibly appreciative of the volunteers and do a great job of engaging with us when we show up. Also, DRM makes it very easy to volunteer with their online sign-up.

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