Dan Hartman

Dan Hartman

Dan has been a weekly volunteer, mentor and donor at Denver Rescue Mission for two years. He is an engineer and has been married for 33 years with three children and two grandchildren.

What initially inspired you to get involved with Denver Rescue Mission?

My life was turned around when the Holy Spirit opened up my heart to Jesus and pulled me out of the dark. I enjoy and love giving back, helping people in need and giving them hope. The second most important thing we can do according to Jesus is, “love thy neighbor as we love ourselves,” and I wish everyone could give back to make this world a better place.

Can you share any favorite memories from your experience with the Mission?

As a mentor, getting to know Matt and seeing him grow in faith and getting back into society was a wonderful experience. I also have loved getting to know the guests at 48th Avenue Center, the staff members of the Mission who show love and compassion for the people in need and the other volunteers who really want to make a difference. Going to the Mission is like being part of the family.

You and your wife have also donated two vehicles through our vehicle donation program. Why was this important for you to do?

As a mentor you get to hear about the struggles of the person you are with and want to do whatever you can to make things easier for them. After seeing the struggles that Matt had with transportation when trying to get to work, our eyes opened as to just how important transportation is. Giving hope back to people in need is one of the most fulfilling things a human being can do for another human being.

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