Cassandra Resudek

Cassandra Resudek

Cassandra first started volunteering at the Mission in 2010 and has been a consistent weekly volunteer at the Lawrence Street Community Center since 2022.

What initially inspired you to get involved with the Mission?

My middle school took us to a warehouse that handed out food to the homeless. Something about giving back and serving those in need touched my heart and inspired me to continue my volunteer work throughout high school, college and beyond. After moving to Denver in 2009, I felt called by God to volunteer at Denver Rescue Mission, and I decided to make this my volunteer “home!”

What is one of your favorite memories from your experience with the Mission?

In May 2022, I was doing some personal work with the homeless in Colorado Springs and I met a lady named Suzette. I spent hours speaking with her and I thought about her multiple times over the next year wondering how she was. To my surprise, she showed up at Denver Rescue Mission as a guest in 2023! I was speechless when I saw her. I was glad to know she was doing ok! I felt like God brought her back into my life to show me He was taking care of her, and that our relationship was supposed to continue in some way. When I see her come through the lunch line, it is always such a joyful time for me!

What does the Mission mean to you personally?

The Mission is a place of hope, light and the possibility for a better future. The staff are so kind and welcoming to everyone. When you volunteer regularly, you get to know other volunteers and it feels like family! God calls us to be servants and to draw near to the needy with a joyful heart. Seeing people who have nothing or very little and still seeing them smile and thank God is truly inspiring. Those smiles are priceless, and it really makes me thankful for the things I do have.

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