The Mission in My Words: Brice Flamant, Founder and President of Fork A Meal

Brice Flamant is the founder and president of Fork A Meal, a nonprofit organization that launched in October 2020 in response to the pandemic.

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What is Fork a Meal’s main purpose?

Fork A Meal (FAM) builds relationships with local restaurants to provide families with a meal coupon to bring a “moment of comfort” when they need it the most. With FAM, one donation has twice the impact since a donation helps feed a family while supporting restaurants that were impacted by the pandemic. We want to make sure no one is at risk of food scarcity or serving food at a loss.

Will you describe FAM’s partnership with the Mission’s Family Rescue Ministry (FRM) program?

FRM helps families and seniors experiencing homelessness secure permanent housing and provides resources to help them start new lives. One of these resources is a FAM coupon for the entire household, so they can celebrate the milestone of moving into their own home. It is heartwarming to hear how excited families, like Derricsa and her family, are to share a meal together in a restaurant—something they haven’t done in months!

We are extremely grateful FRM trusted us and our vision. We have invited almost 100 families to enjoy meals so far, and we are thrilled to see our partnership extend to other Mission programs like Family Refugee Services.

Why did you choose to partner with the Mission?

I volunteered to serve dinner at the Lawrence Street Community Center in the past. I was really impressed with the impact the Mission’s services have on people’s lives. And that was only looking at one shelter! I really love that the Mission is not only serving people who need help right now, but also helping them for the long term through transitional programs and community outreach. I feel like people always deserve a second chance.

This post is part of September’s Changing Lives Newsletter. This month, you’ll read about Derricsa and her family finding stability and a home with help from Family Rescue Ministry.