Buchanan family

Brad and Margaret Buchanan

Brad and Margaret have supported the Mission since 1982 through their work with the City of Denver, the Downtown Denver Partnership, the National Western Center, and their ranch, Flying B Bar Ranch.

What inspired you to help support the Mission?

If we’re not making a difference with everything we do and working to make the lives of others better, safer and more humane, then we’re missing the point. The most important way to spend our time is to be of contribution to our community. We believe that this is the key to solving all the most critical challenges we have in our city, our country and our planet. It sounds cliché, but small differences and contributions become large and then enormous, and that is how we will change the world. That is what inspires us about the Mission. They make a difference one life at a time.

How do Flying B Bar Ranch’s values align with the Mission’s values?

Our ranch donates beef and pork regularly to the Mission. We strongly support providing healthy, sustainable protein to EVERYONE in our community, not just those who can afford it. Everything we do and the way we do it, has been crafted with a priority for quality, sustainability, animal welfare, and leaving the land better than we found it. Our ranch supports building a truly sustainable community, and that is what the Mission does daily.

What would you say to encourage someone else to get involved with the Mission?

We’ve been to the Mission several times, and it’s gratifying to see the passion their team has for what they do, from the leadership to the frontline workers serving the guests. They are all inspiring and they are an example to us and to our entire community on what it means to be “in community.” We know of no more fulfilling experience than to be of service to others. Jump in, do your part; it’s not an obligation, it’s a privilege.

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