Andrea Nicholl

Andrea Nicholl is a licensed architect for Eidos Architects and has been in the industry for 20 years. She has worked on Mission projects since 2013 and played a key role in the renovations of the Lawrence Street Shelter.

What did it mean to you to work on the Lawrence Street Shelter renovations?

I love working with the DRM staff and on projects in Denver, let alone a building that is more than 100 years old. So much good is represented in this building, and now DRM’s services can be provided to an even greater extent. It is a source of pride to work with DRM.

How do you think these renovations will change a guest’s experience?

Knowing people in wheelchairs can get into the building makes my heart warm. Overall, the building is brighter, cleaner and more comfortable temperature-wise. It offers more amenities, such as more bathrooms and laundry facilities, which are all things that will make guests feel more comfortable and cared for.

Why is the Mission’s work important to you personally?

As someone who worked downtown for many years, I saw people every day who were experiencing homelessness, and I wanted to help. By working with DRM, I feel that I am helping them. We are working together to design and provide everyone with facilities that provide human dignity and most importantly, a staff that cares. Throughout the past nine years, I have met a lot of DRM staff, and every one of them has continued to remind me that each one of us is important. We all have something valuable to give to one another.

This post is part of June’s Changing Lives Newsletter. This month, you’ll learn all about the renovations and upgrades to Lawrence Street Shelter which will help people experiencing homelessness have even more effective emergency care.

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