“The Lord will stand with you and give you strength.” 2 Tim 4:17

Denver Rescue Mission’s team is hard at work making plans to ensure our neighbors experiencing homelessness continue to have access to food, shelter and care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the Mission’s time comes to an end at the National Western Complex Auxiliary Shelter, we continue to collaborate with the City of Denver to serve our guests in the most dignified way. 

Over the next couple of weeks, the Mission will begin running two 24/7 satellite shelters at the 48th Avenue Center and the Denver Coliseum.

While the locations of where we serve our guests may change and transition during these challenging times, the why we continue to serve these individuals will never waver— and that’s to help change lives.

A Look Into the 48th Avenue Center

Beginning this week, 200 men transition from the National Western Complex to 48th. Over time the total capacity at this shelter will grow to shelter 260 men. All guests will be screened as they arrive.

At this shelter men will have access to case management services— specifically the Mission’s Next Step Services, which helps men experiencing homelessness map out tangible plans to transition out of homelessness.

Along with being encouraged to participate in Next Step, guests will have a reserved and designated bed during their time at this shelter. Beds will continue to be spaced further apart for social distancing.

The Mission will be running meal services for the first time ever at this location for our guests and overseeing the volunteer operations for this service. We will need volunteers for breakfast, lunch and dinner shifts at this location. The community is encouraged to sign up to volunteer here.

Transition to the Denver Coliseum

The second 24/7 shelter the Mission will begin operating is at the Denver Coliseum with space for 300 men. The Coliseum will be the hub for intake to all Mission locations. Stout Street Clinic, run by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless will continue to provide COVID-19 screenings at the Coliseum.

Prior to this transition, Catholic Charities was running a shelter for women here. Catholic Charities is planned to help these women transition to various shelters and programs.

The Latest: Transitioning Shelter Operations 2

Additionally, the Lawrence Street Community Center will temporarily suspend services until staffing needs are fulfilled at both 24/7 shelter locations.

As we continue to navigate the pandemic, we thank you for your unwavering support and prayers. We are grateful for every volunteer and every community member who has stepped up and helped us serve our neighbors experiencing homelessness no matter what the circumstances.