Scott Farleigh was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. After serving a hitch in the Navy and attending college at Southeast Community College in Milford, he moved to the Denver area in 1981. He is an electrical engineer in both telecommunications and aerospace. Scott is married and has two daughters, six granddaughters and a grandson

What inspired you to get involved with the Mission?

For years, I wanted to tutor kids. I love seeing kids succeed and make progress. I called the Mission and connected with Youth Coordinator, Joe Bermingham. Shortly after, I started as a Whiz Kids tutor, which is a one-on-one tutoring relationship focused on math and reading development. I’ve been volunteering for the Mission in various capacities for about 10 years.

In what ways have you worked with the youth at the Mission?

I like doing maintenance at The Crossing where there’s a need, such as building cabinets and bookshelves and coat hooks. I usually have a couple of the boys in the youth room help me, and I’ll show them how to hang hooks and shelves and make sure things are level. That way, I’m teaching them a new skill, but more importantly, I’m spending time with them and showing them that someone cares about them. They really crave that acceptance.

Will you share about the times you brought Boy Scouts to volunteer?

I bring Boy Scouts in to do various projects at The Crossing facility, such as carpet cleaning and painting. I’m also the point-of-contact for Eagle Scout projects, which have included replacing a picket fence, installing picnic benches and putting landscaping rocks down. I keep a running list in my mind of what potential Eagle Scout projects could be around here to fulfill both the needs of the facility and the project needs for the Scouts.

Why do you choose to volunteer your time to help the Mission?

I have finally found a place where I can really give a lot, and I know it’s making an impact. I know my work is being appreciated and affecting lives. I have a real passion for building up the next generation. I know that I’m especially impacting the boys. I want to be a positive role model for them.

This post is a part of January’s Changing Lives Newsletter. This month features Anastasia’s story of success after life as a teen at The Crossing and 12 ways you can make an impact in 2020.