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Denver Rescue Mission is absolutely committed to serving our community of Denver in the name of Jesus Christ. As director of the Ministry Outreach Center, I help leverage the resources God has given us, through caring people like you, to better the lives of our vulnerable neighbors in low-income households.

Every day, we walk alongside struggling men, women and children in our community, just as Jesus would, offering them physical and emotional comfort, including food, clothing, love, friendship and so much more.

The Path to New Life Starts Here 4

Recently, we helped:

  • Outfit a gentleman, who ended up homeless in the COVID-19 crisis, with a brand-new pair of shoes so he could make a fresh start at a new job.
  • Comfort a mother and her grown daughter, who were living in a park, with handmade quilts, food from our food pantry, new clothing and hygiene products.
  • Provide furniture to five vulnerable families who lost everything in an apartment fire and had to start over from scratch.
  • Employ a man who went with through our rehabilitation program, giving him valuable job skills and the chance to build a resume so he could one day find a better job and live independently.

Jesus is our model. As Christians, this work of serving our struggling neighbors is central to our identity in Christ. Just as Jesus committed his life to caring for people who were hurt, sick, poor, broken, outcast and oppressed, all of us who minister at Denver Rescue Mission want that same heart of compassion to beat in us as well.

Jesus is our model.

The Path to New Life Starts Here 3

The work we do is not always glamourous. In fact, it’s often messy. Every day, we witness the scars and wounds that have devastated so many lives. We hear their horrific stories, and we begin to understand why they made so many of the decisions they’ve made in their lives. Many times, just listening to those stories, we experience their trauma as well.

We see how God can show up in someone’s life and completely restore them.

But, on the other hand, we also witness miracles every day. We see how small things, like a pair of shoes, a bag of groceries, a hug, a smile or a word of encouragement, can make such a huge difference in a life. We see how God can show up in someone’s life and completely restore them. We watch in awe as people who were once on their last leg rediscover joy, hope and a brand-new future.

As a donor, so many of the miracles we witness are all because of you. I wish you could see that for yourself. You have no idea the role you truly play.

One of the most tragic things I hear from the people we serve is how they feel so alone, how they feel like no one is in their corner—until they discover they are not alone, that someone really is in their corner. And that someone is you.

Every gift you give, every item you donate, every prayer you pray, reminds someone here that you care. That you’re in their corner. If you could see how much power there is in that, it would change your life.

Every gift you give, every item you donate, every prayer you pray, reminds someone here that you care.

By: Jesse Ludema, Director of Ministry Outreach at Denver Rescue Mission

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