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The day Al* stepped through the front door of Denver Rescue Mission for the first time, he was only looking for a meal to fill his empty stomach. He had no idea he was taking his first step into a whole new world full of possibilities, hope and new life.

Drugs and alcohol had devastated Al for years. For a long time, his family tried to help, but they finally got fed up and said, “We can’t take this anymore. You’re on your own.”

Suddenly he had no family, no money, nothing to eat, and no place to stay. So, he set out looking for “Jesus Saves”—the name people on the streets use for Denver Rescue Mission.

As Al ate his first meal at the Mission, a strange feeling came over him: Someone truly cared. He learned more about what else we could do for him. Deep down, he knew this was the second chance he needed.

He joined our program, surrendered to Christ, got sober, and slowly rebuilt his life. Then he moved into our transitional program, where he found a new community of friends who supported him, and he continued to grow. A few years after his graduation, he came back to work at the Mission, where he spent years mentoring other guys just like himself.

To me, that’s what “Jesus Saves,” is all about. Every day, our kitchen team serves up to 1,500 meals at the Lawrence Street Community Center to people devastated by homelessness and addiction, just like Al. Every day, I see another “Al” take their first step inside our doors and into a brand-new world.

Every day, I see another “Al” take their first step inside our doors and into a brand-new world.

That’s why the meals we serve at Denver Rescue Mission are so critical. Yes, we make sure hungry people are fed. But more importantly, we treat everyone with the kind of respect, dignity and love of Christ that ignites hope. And when that hope is sparked—when they realize someone really cares about them, perhaps they will take that next step to discover how Denver Rescue Mission could lead them to new life.

I’ve seen it so many times. The moment when someone eats a meal here and God shows up. That moment their face lights up with a hint of joy—and then they realize it’s worth the risk to give life another try.

Our supporters are not just feeding people, they’re restoring broken souls.

I wish our donors could see that look for themselves, because that’s what their donations really do. They’re not just feeding hungry people, they’re restoring broken souls. I think that’s awesome.

By: Kevin Baker, Director of Food Services

*Some names and images have been changed for privacy purposes.

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