With every change of the seasons a new group of college students join the Mission. They bring new excitement, joy and a drive to make a difference in the world. 

This spring there are 11 interns working in case management, housing services, children’s programs, public relations, and human resources. It is crucial to have them here to continue the work that we do.  

These interns help us carry out our mission of changing lives by meeting people at their physical and spiritual points of need. For all the hard work and learning that they do, we’d like to highlight a few of them as they share their experiences as interns.

“The Mission doesn’t just put a band aid on the issue, they want to find long-term solutions.”

“I viewed getting out of homelessness as an easy task. Now, I recognize that it is not a simple task to get off the streets.” 

“I have learned a new way of interacting with individuals that I might not have been comfortable with in the past, which helps me step out of my comfort zone.”

“Working with the men at Harvest Farm, I have seen how a second chance can change the entire trajectory of someone’s future.” 

Interns bring new inspiration, excitement and interests to the Mission every season. In the last year, the Mission has had 87 interns. While they are here, they learn skills, network with professionals and broaden their perspectives, which they will carry with them as they continue to grow and move forward.

Our goal is to inspire every intern to follow their dreams, while challenging them to become faithful followers of Christ and an inspiration to others to become advocates for those in need in their community. Interns help improve the work and reach of the Mission; our impact would not be the same without them.

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