It’s officially spring, which means it’s time to introduce our lovely interns for this semester!

This year we have a total of 13 interns—eight of which are helping around Denver Rescue Mission’s metro locations and five at Harvest Farm up in Northern Colorado. Most of our interns are assisting the Mission as case managers, but we also have an accounting, mentor coordinator, and communications and events intern.

Within each intern’s unique role at Denver Rescue Mission, they have been making an impact on our guests by meeting them at their physical and spiritual needs and loving them the way Jesus would. We got the chance to highlight and speak to a few of our interns about their experiences so far. Listening to their stories and time at the Mission was a joy and their enthusiasm and love for what they do has been a blessing to witness!

To learn more about each of our interns, watch their video to hear their story!

Interning at Denver Rescue Mission: A Firsthand Experience


Case Manager Intern at 48th Avenue Center

Meet Chloe, our case manager intern at 48th Avenue Center. Chloe works one-on-one with our guests, helps out with peer navigation through outreach and assists with the community events. Chloe was not only drawn to Denver Rescue Mission because of its faith-based mission statement but also because she wanted to see what an emergency shelter had to offer compared to transitional housing. She has really been enjoying her time learning more about emergency shelters and has loved working with our guests.


Intern at The Crossing

Meet Damian, an all-round intern at The Crossing this semester. Damian helps teach a Career Readiness class where he helps prepare the men in the New Life Program for a starting job as they make their way towards their ideal career. When he’s not teaching, Damian works with case managers and co-facilitates meetings with New Life Program participants. He is currently studying at MSU Denver to earn a bachelor’s in human services with a concentration on addiction. Being homeless once himself, Damian hopes to use his degree to give hope to those currently walking his past journey.


Case Manager Intern at The Crossing

Meet Rose, one of our case managers who is interning at The Crossing. Rose is currently working with men, women and families within our Bridge program by providing them with resources and support as they undergo the process for housing. After seeing the Jesus Saves sign at the Lawrence Street Shelter countless times, Rose knew that Denver Rescue Mission would be a great internship opportunity to give back and serve the community. When Rose discovered that Denver Rescue Mission puts Jesus first in everything they do, it finalized her decision to be part of an organization that would allow her to freely express her deep love for her faith.


Case Manager Intern at Harvest Farm

Meet Isabelle, one of our case manager interns at Harvest Farm in Wellington, Colorado. Isabelle currently meets with the men in the New Life Program bi-weekly to help make sure they’re on the right path, maintaining their sobriety, obtaining their documents, and finding housing. Isabelle volunteered at the Farm in the past, so when she had to choose an internship for her social work degree at Colorado State University, she happily chose Denver Rescue Mission. Isabelle hopes to take away a more compassionate approach to social work as she continues her journey in getting her degree.


Accounting Intern at the Admin & Education Building

Meet Jenna, our accounting intern at the Admin & Education Building. Jenna currently assists the accountants with their weekly and monthly end tasks, as well as, explores other departments to grow in her knowledge of the principles and foundations of a non-profit. When Jenna first found out about Denver Rescue Mission, she loved how our programs meet and love people wherever they are. Jenna hopes to one day either work for a non-profit or start her own.


Mentor Coordinator Intern at Harvest Farm

Meet Anna, our mentor coordinator intern at Harvest Farm in Wellington, Colorado. Anna helps schedule interviews between mentors and participants, pairing them together so that participants can have a mentor as a part of their community by the time they graduate. Anna applied to Denver Rescue Mission thanks to her friends who previously interned with us and because of the Mission’s faith-driven mission statement. She believes that the work Denver Rescue Mission does is valuable and feels very grateful to have the chance to meet with the participants and get to know their stories.

Looking for an Internship that Changes Lives?