Dear Friends,

When I see children with their parents panhandling on the streets of Denver, it just tears me apart. I wonder what has gone wrong that this family is now in the position of having to beg for money. As we know, there are many reasons for becoming homeless, so I can only imagine what might have caused this.

For a child, this experience is hard to overcome. There has been a lot of research that shows if you have experienced poverty or homelessness when you are a child, then there is a much higher propensity to repeat this cycle of poverty again unless someone intervenes to help you.

Breaking this cycle is what we are all about at Denver Rescue Mission and at The Crossing in particular. Our love for youth through the Denver Broncos Youth Center is a strong example of our commitment. We want kids, and parents, to know they are loved and cared for—that this is a safe place where children can learn, be encouraged by committed and compassionate adults, and just be kids. Please read more about this in this edition of Changing Lives.

This transition from the streets to our Mission is not always an easy one, but we do all we can to share Jesus’ love with these children while they are with us. We need your prayers, your willingness to volunteer and your financial support to see permanent changes made in the lives of the children who come to us. Thanks for making a difference!

God Bless,

Brad Meuli

Brad Meuli

President and CEO

Your donations help children at The Crossing prepare for healthy and productive futures.


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