Joe Jones is a fourth-year American football linebacker for the Denver Broncos. He is originally from Plano, Illinois and played college football at Northwestern. He lives in Denver with his wife, Amber, and two daughters, Scarlette and Aurora.

What inspired you to give a monetary donation to the Mission during the COVID-19 crisis?

I have seen firsthand the great work that the Mission has done for this community. Knowing how much you help and care for people in unfortunate situations aligns with who I am and with my values and core beliefs.

Why was it important to you to support individuals experiencing homelessness during the pandemic?

My love for and faith in Jesus Christ spearheads my actions in most of what I do (not that I’m
perfect in everything that I do). Jesus calls us to love and care for the less fortunate. One of those
examples is Matthew 25:35-40. Those verses have taken root deep down in my heart, and my
actions toward the less fortunate have been affected by that.

How has your involvement in the Mission’s Turkey Drive at the UCHealth Training Center impacted you personally?

Giving toward the COVID-19 crisis and donating for the turkey drive go hand-in-hand with each
other. They are both opportunities for me and my family to see that there are others out there who are less fortunate than us, and for us to do something as small as providing meals makes a major impact on others. I feel that the platform and blessings that the Lord has given me is not just for me and my family.

Why does the Mission’s work in breaking the cycle of homelessness in Denver matter to you?

People always deserve a chance to better their lives. Whether they are in their current situations
because of unforeseen circumstances or poor choices, everyone deserves an opportunity to get
back on their feet. The Mission helps people do just that. You are doing amazing things here,
especially in this time of increased need in our country. You are true heroes to many people.

This post is a part of June’s Changing Lives Newsletter. This month’s edition, Better Together, features many of the heroes on the front line of this pandemic.