This past year, over a million meals were served through Denver Rescue Mission. Meals around the holidays are always especially memorable, like those we serve at our annual Easter banquet! For almost 30 years, this celebration has provided an opportunity for our guests and program participants to feel appreciated and enjoy the season in community with others.

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This year is no exception. Our staff, volunteers, and donors always work hard to make sure the occasion is special. More than 90 volunteers have already signed up to help with our Easter festivities. Our first banquet was held at The Crossing, our housing facility for our New Life Program and STAR Transitional Program participants.

The New Life Program provides rehabilitation services and resources for men to prepare for employment and sustainable housing, while the STAR Transitional Program supports individuals and families struggling with homelessness as they work toward securing long-term housing. In addition to the delicious meal prepared by our talented chefs, socks and winter items were also given out at the banquet.

We are so thankful. Thank you so much Jesus, and thank you so much the people that did this just to make the kids happy. And blessings to all of the adults that did this for us. I can’t believe they actually did this for us.


One of the other highlights of Easter at the Mission, is the annual Easter egg hunt for all of the children living at the Crossing. This tradition always brings excitement and laughter as the kids run around outside, gathering as many eggs as they can fit in their baskets. Following the egg hunt, the kids will enjoy some well-deserved ice cream sandwiches.

Each child will also receive a basket filled with additional fun Easter treats, toys, and other gifts. Over 220 baskets were donated, and those not given away at the banquet will be gifted to families engaged with our Housing Services team and Client Services at the Ministry Outreach Center.

This year, Bombas donated 1,250 pairs of socks that will be distributed at our 48th Avenue Center and Lawrence Street Community Center locations. We are very excited to serve a special feast at these celebrations as well, including steak that was part of a generous donation from McLane Company. Guests at our 48th Avenue Center will also each receive brand new pairs of shoes that were graciously provided by Runners Roost.

We are always appreciative of the generosity of organizations and donors during the holidays that help us continue to spread joy and make our guests feel valued. We hope our Easter celebrations can act as a reminder of the grace and goodness of Jesus Christ and the power of His everlasting love.

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