Greetings from Denver Rescue Mission and Merry Christmas to you!

It is easy to get wrapped up in wish lists during the holidays—what to buy our loved ones and what we want ourselves to receive as a gift. As we enjoy the spirit of the season, taking the opportunity to give back to others may be the greatest gift you could give.

There are so many people whose Christmas wish lists consist of knowing where their next meal will come from, hoping they can find shelter on a cold winter night and wishing they could provide the basic needs for their family, let alone buy them gifts.

That’s why at Denver Rescue Mission, we work together to care for those in need of extra support, especially during the holidays. Thanks to our community of volunteers, donors and staff, we help give the gift of joy, hope and love to those who need it most.

Christmas 2022 - Two Men in New Life Program

Holiday Party

Our holiday celebrations began at The Crossing, where individuals and families in our STAR Transitional Program gathered around a delicious holiday meal provided by Rocky Mountain Catering.

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After filling their bellies, the kids joined together to decorate cookies in the youth room. With sprinkles on their lips and icing on their hands, the cookies weren’t the only things being decorated!

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Best of all, the night was filled with laughter, smiles and an appreciation for coming together as a Mission family.

Bless Our Brothers

Holiday cheer continued as we held our annual Bless Our Brothers event for the men in our New Life Program. Every year we ask each program participant for a wish list of up to three items they wish to receive. Then, those items are purchased, beautifully wrapped and distributed to each person at this event along with a Safeway gift card and a stocking filled with fleece gloves, snacks, activity books and toothbrush kits. Thank you to Red Canary for providing a total of 400 stockings! The smiles on the men’s faces as they opened their presents were truly a gift to watch.

“I have always loved Christmas. I used to decorate the entire house. I still love Christmas, but it is not the same when you have no family. I realize Denver Rescue Mission is my family. They truly care. The gifts meant so much to me, I cried. God has blessed me, and I truly am thankful for all DRM has done for me. It has been the best Christmas I have had in many, many years.”

Tim, New Life Program Participant
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The volunteers and co-sponsor of the event from First Integrity Title Company brought a wonderful attitude of service! We are also grateful to Sports Radio 104.3 The Fan for co-sponsoring this event and for helping us spread joy to those who may find this time of year difficult to go through.

As these men work hard to transform their lives, we are so thankful for those who helped make this night special for them. Through heartfelt conversations, a specially made meal and personalized gifts, it truly made a difference.

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Christmas 2022 - Five volunteers at The Crossing in Santa Hats
Gifts That Can’t Be Wrapped: Joy, Hope & Love
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Christmas Meals

Our annual Christmas banquet continued this year at three of our shelter facilities—Lawrence Street Community Center, 48th Avenue Center and Fort Collins Rescue Mission. Our staff and volunteers worked hard to provide a traditional Christmas meal for our guests and remind them that they are not alone.

“Christmas means family. It is a time to reflect and remember happier times when our family would gather together and celebrate. What it means to us as a team is a time to bring our guests back to those happier times, and to reflect on those happy memories. For me, it reminds me to be present in the moment and to not become too focused on the future or too concerned about the past.”

Kevin Baker, Director of Denver Food Services
Christmas 2022 - Update Title Please

In total, we served 1,095 meals across all three shelter locations!

After our shelter guests enjoyed their meals, they received a gift of fleece gloves and socks. These gifts will go a long way for our vulnerable neighbors as they face frigid winter temperatures.

With an abundance of gifts distributed across the Mission, we are reminded of the gift that comes from the birth of Jesus. It is thanks to Him that we are able to help give the gifts of joy, hope and love to everyone who comes through our doors.

Merry Christmas!

Written by: Linneya Gardner, Content Specialist