Donors who are part of Denver Rescue Mission’s Goodheart Society are changing lives well into the future by adding the Mission to their Will—a legacy that will impact the most vulnerable in our community for years to come.

We sat down with Goodheart Society members John and Kathy Tedrick to hear about their involvement with the Mission through several generations and what giving means to them.

Will you share about your family and how you got involved with the Mission?

Kathy: John and I have been married for nine years. We both lost our spouses and met in church. I grew up in Parker and John grew up in Colorado and Arizona. I have two children and John has two children. My mom and dad, [Ann and Dean Weaver] were also Goodheart Society members. My mom is 97 and she’s doing great. She’s in assisted living.

What inspired you to join the Goodheart Society and leave the Mission in your Will?

Kathy: I have a charitable remainder trust from my dad. For the past 17 years, I’ve planned to give a large percentage of that to the Mission. So in my own mind and heart, I have been a Goodheart Society member for 17 years. I have just loved the Mission ever since I’ve known about it, and the thing that drives me to it the most is that it’s Christian-based and focuses on bringing people into healing through a relationship with God.

Your mother, Ann, is also a member of the Goodheart Society and has been giving to the Mission for many years. Will you talk about your parents’ passion for philanthropy and how those values have impacted you?

Kathy: It definitely has impacted me throughout my whole life. I remember going with my parents to help serve a meal [at the Mission] a long time ago. They just had a real heart for helping others. They really believed in the Mission, especially because it’s based on bringing people to God. I think that really was a drawing point for both my parents in their giving. I want to honor what they stood for all their lives—giving and serving others. I would like to do the same in honor of them and in memory of my dad.

Pictured above are Kathy’s parents, Dean and Ann Weaver.

There are many ways to give to the Mission, and the Goodheart Society offers a unique opportunity to leave a legacy that will impact individuals in need for years to come. Will you talk about why that form of giving stands out to you?

John: It’s a wonderful way to leave a legacy. [Because of] the professional way we’ve been treated and communicated with, the Mission has really made it quite easy to make the decisions that we have, [especially due to] the professional level of the staff.

How have you become more involved with the Mission through being a part of the Goodheart Society?

John: Last year, we took a tour of the facility on Smith Road, and I could really begin to understand the full scope of what is done, not only with the short-term work to help get people off the street and get meals and clothing, but also what’s being done for families and people who are recovering [from homelessness] to become self-sufficient, self-sustaining and contributing members of society.

Kathy: We were honored to be at The Crossing, and we got to eat dinner and be with the families during that time. It was just very heartwarming to be there and see that. We hope to learn even more.

Why is it important to you to support the work we’re doing to break the cycle of homelessness in Denver?

Kathy: I love what the sign says: “Jesus saves.” I think that it’s a message to all who go there that there is a much deeper meaning to their lives.

John: If Jesus were alive today and walking among us, He would be downtown working, healing and telling stories to the poor. That’s where He was in the gospels, and I believe that’s where He would be today.

Will you share how your involvement with Denver Rescue Mission has impacted you personally?

Kathy: It’s definitely been a huge impact. To know that the presence [of God] is there for the people in need has really blessed my life. To know that this organization is here and that I can help support it—that’s been a big blessing.

John: What I’ve come to understand through the example of others is looking at the situation that those experiencing homelessness find themselves in. We’re not supposed to stand and look at them with judgment. We should stand and look at them with compassion and with awe at the burdens they have to carry that we don’t have to. That’s one of the things I’ve learned through the example of the Mission. When we learn to view them with compassion, we can help with a good heart and have better understanding of what can be done—what ought to be done.

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