As Thanksgiving approaches, many people are filling shopping carts full of food to prepare
for the holiday. At Denver Rescue Mission, carts are being filled for our neighbors in low-income households, and it is thanks to your generous donations.

The families who come to us for help may have a place to live, but they are often forced to choose between paying rent and buying basic essentials. At our Ministry Outreach Center (MOC), the Mission’s central warehouse and distribution location, we aim to break the cycle of poverty and combat food insecurity by giving individuals in need the opportunity to shop at no cost for donated items such as food, clothing and hygiene products.

Your donations have impacted many lives, including Margaret’s, who has been using the MOC’s client services for about two years to get food, clothing and, as she says, “a lot of love.”

“[The first time I came to the MOC], it was amazing,” Margaret said. “I couldn’t believe all the things that I got. The people [at the MOC] treat me beautifully, just like people are supposed to be treated.”

Although Margaret lives alone, she is surrounded by friends, children and grandchildren, whom she loves to bring along on her trips to the MOC. In past years, Margaret received a turkey with Thanksgiving fixings and hopes to get her Thanksgiving food from the MOC again this year.

“[The MOC] has helped me and my family a lot,” she said. “When I walk in to get food from here, my eyes just light up—there’s just so much stuff. There’s a lot of times [when] you don’t have things or you are in a predicament, but with places like this, God makes a way.”

Lisa, Michael, and Liam

Margaret isn’t the only one finding food and feeling loved at client services. Lisa, a single mother to her six-month-old son Liam, recently started coming to receive services with her uncle Michael to find items to support her family after they fell on hard times.

After hearing about services offered at the MOC, Lisa realized that there were resources that she never even knew existed. She is grateful that the food pantry is stocked with items that fit her family’s needs.

“It is always a highlight for me [to come here] because I get excited to see what I’m going to make for the month,” Lisa said.

Margaret and Lisa are incredibly thankful for the Mission’s support. You are making a difference in their lives and others this Thanksgiving season, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

“If I saw [the people who donate], I would probably just squeeze them so hard because if it weren’t for God and weren’t for them, we wouldn’t be provided for like we are,” Margaret said.

The Impact of Food Insecurity

In the United States in 2020…


The percentage of food insecure households.(That’s 13.8 billion households)


The percentage of food insecure households with children. (Increased from 13.6% in 2019)


The percentage of food insecure head-of-households who couldn’t work because of the pandemic.

Here in Colorado…

An estimated 1 IN 8 COLORADANS are experiencing food insecurity—a lack of consistent access to enough food for every person in a household to live an active, healthy life. This alarming number is in part due to the pandemic, and means that almost 700,000 OF OUR NEIGHBORS, children included, are food insecure. Unfortunately for many, food insecurity has been a persistent reality and will continue to cause concern for many families here in Colorado.

Source: Feeding America

We’re Making A Difference


households used client services.


turkeys were distributed.


pounds of food were given out through the MOC. That is equivalent to 99,549 meals.

Theresa works part-time at a warehouse and has her hands full as a single mother of four. She has been coming to client services for about a year to get clothes and food for her and her children, ages 13, ten, six, and two. “It means a lot and comes in handy at a time of need,” Theresa said. “[Having] places like this that help, it just makes you feel thankful.”

Your support is filling the carts of people who need help providing food, clothing and other essentials for their families. Help combat food insecurity this Thanksgiving season.

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