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The afternoon rain had just stopped and groves of kids from the Mission’s STAR Transitional Program started to skip down The Crossing’s sunroom hallway. As they passed the windows, they would stop, point and look out at the amphitheater courtyard.

There outside in the grass were brightly-colored, neon Easter eggs freckled among the grass. You could feel the excitement, and almost soon to be sugar rush, as the kids continued to fill the room.

But, before they could go racing to grab their eggs and candy, Joe Birmingham, the Mission’s youth coordinator, had a question for the group — “This is a fun event, but what is Easter really about?”

Several kids excitedly blurted out things like, “Easter eggs,” “the Easter Bunny,” and “Candy.”

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Then one kid raised his hand and said, “The resurrection of Jesus.”

The parents that had accumulated around the sides of the room “aww’d” at the answer and a soft clap filled the room.

Joe exclaimed, “Exactly!” He then went on to give instructions. It was go time!

3-2-1… the youngest kids went outside first, followed by a thunder of enthusiasm as the older kids and teens hit the courtyard a few minutes later. Immediately thereafter laughter, the clinking of eggs hitting together in each basket and feet crunching on grass filled the air. It was the sight of pure happiness.

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Once all the trees and bushes had been looked through and every corner of the lawn had been searched, the group headed inside for an ice cream party with candy, sprinkles and more.

It was the perfect Saturday Easter egg event full of joy. And, none of it would have been possible without the handfuls of the Mission’s donors who supplied the hundreds of Easter eggs. We are extremely fortunate to have donors who go above and beyond to make sure the individuals we serve feel loved. Thank you.