The start of the school year is filled with many emotions and unknowns. For the families living at The Crossing, our facility serving those in our long-term programs, it can be stressful paying for multiple kids’ back-to-school supplies. Thanks to the Mission’s Young Professionals group all the kids at The Crossing know they are loved.

“The beginning of the school year brings a lot of fear, but it also brings excitement,” Ashlyn said, a member of the Young Professionals group, “Even if things are hard or the school year comes across as stressful and scary, having a backpack full of stuff can be really encouraging.”

With the help of Ashlyn and the Young Professionals group, $5,000 was raised to buy backpacks, school supplies, a brand-new back-to-school outfit, and a new pair of shoes for the kids going back to school in the coming weeks. The group stuffed 75 backpacks, which were given to the youth in the STAR program who live at The Crossing as well as to children in the Mission’s Family Refugee Services and Family Rescue Ministry programs.

Ready to Join Us?

Our Young Professionals group is looking for more people to join and volunteer with us.

Written by: Kayleigh Dewar, Marketing and Communications Intern