Follow the Shaw’s journey to a new life at the Mission—a journey you make possible.

Arriving At Our Door


Today, we want to introduce you to a family you are helping—the Shaws. John and Rachel Shaw came to Denver Rescue Mission with their daughter Lindsey after John’s addiction forced the family into homelessness.

They also needed something affordable for themselves and Lindsey. They desperately need help for Joseph’s alcoholism and their relationship after years of growing apart and living from place to place.

“I ran my own business but gave the other part of my life to alcohol. That finally caught up and eventually, I couldn’t work anymore; John says. We stayed in motels and moved each month for a long time, not being able to pay rent. We had nowhere to go.”

Thankfully, the family finally came to The Crossing, our largest location, where your monthly support not only enables us to transform the lives of men facing addiction in our New Life Program, but also helps provide 100 rooms for women, children, and families like the Shaws through our STAR Transitional Program.

Shelter, Counseling, and the First Steps to Hope


One Family's Path to Hope

We recently shared how the Shaws first came to The Crossing, after John’s struggle with alcoholism forced the family to lose their home. By the time they came through our doors, they simply had nowhere to go.

Thanks to the monthly support of friends like you, the Shaws have received the shelter they needed to regroup—the first step to restoring John’s life and getting themselves on a path to self-sufficiency. John and Rachel are acclimating to the STAR Transitional Program. They are determined to stay on the path your monthly support has put them on. Already, the family feels more stable, and it can be seen in the face of their daughter, Lyndsey.

The Shaws know that restoring their lives will be a process and are so grateful for friends like you who are there for them. “If it wasn’t for The Crossing, we wouldn’t be in this process,” John says.

* Names and image have been changed for privacy purposes.