Here at Denver Rescue Mission we serve people from various backgrounds and age groups, which includes children. One way we support kids in our STAR Transitional Program is by providing a haven to do their homework and to just be kids in our Denver Broncos Youth Center, also known as the Broncos Room.

This holiday season, we invite you to support our youth programs at the Mission by sponsoring the “Broncos Store.” Registration is open now to provide toys, art supplies and much more.

We Need Your Help to Purchase Gifts for Children in the Youth Center!

The Mission has partnered with the Denver Broncos to provide this space for kids to receive after-school tutoring and any other enrichment activities. As part of the Broncos Room, we provide a “Broncos Store” that supports our children in learning a variety of life skills. The Broncos Store uses a positive reinforcement system, where kids can earn “Broncos Bucks” through things like focusing on and finishing their homework, being kind or volunteering.

After earning Broncos Bucks, kids have the opportunity to use these in the Broncos Store to “purchase” a variety of toys or school supplies. After doing so, the kids feel a sense of accomplishment that they were able to work hard and earn something through their own effort. This system has proven to be an uplifting and exciting part of attending the Broncos Room for kids of all ages.

I’m Thankful For…
Sponsor the Youth Center’s Broncos Store this Holiday Season
Sponsor the Youth Center’s Broncos Store this Holiday Season 1

Items from the Broncos Store are not only used as positive incentives, but they are also provided as gifts for kids’ birthdays during a monthly Birthday Bash! These items provide much-needed joy and recognition for so many deserving kids.

Help us stock the Broncos Store!

After registering as a sponsor, you will receive a detailed wish list so you can go shopping and select new items of your choosing.

Looking for Other Holiday Giving Opportunities?

Our Housewarming Box program provides household and hygiene essentials to families in need. Purchase and donate items to give families the ability to focus on meeting rental payments, bills, and even Christmas gifts this holiday season.

Written by: Sierra Murdoch, PR and Events Intern